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Kindergarten to Grade 3

We welcome you to our new home in the multipurpose room of Ecole Lord Tennyson.

We’ve welcomed a lot of young friends over the years and we know that children learn through play. At TOSS we engage children in activities that are not only fun, but help them develop their gross & fine motor, cognitive and social skills. We use our mixed age grouping at TOSS to foster a sense of leadership in the older children and a sense of belonging in the younger ones.

A Day in the Life of TOSS...

3:03  Children are signed in and encouraged to use the                 bathroom and fill their water bottle. Thirty minutes of           outdoor free play and directed activity.
3:30  Bathroom call with staff supervision.

         Thirty minutes of outdoor free play at the playground           or on the field.
4:00  Snack time. Children serve each day.
4:30  Bathroom call with staff supervision.

         Free play inside the centre.

5:00  Bathroom call with staff supervision.
5:15  Final bathroom call with staff supervision.
5:30  Carpet games.
6:00  End of the TOSS day.

Friday Draw Day

TOSS can get pretty messy and we like to acknowledge our hard-working cleaners!  Every day we put the names of our cleaners into a jar and each Friday we pick three names to win a prize!

Birthday Snack

We have a monthly birthday snack to celebrate all the children who have a birthday in that month.  The birthday kids get to be servers, too!

Sign-Up Outings...

Check your calendar to see when and where the sign up for these outings will be posted   Children are welcome to sign themselves up for the outing, but we MUST have a parent signature as well, as these activities take place off-site.

Nature Walks

Occasionally we will take the children on nature walks within the neighbourhood. The  group will leave as soon as the children arrive at TOSS and they will be back for 4:00 snack. The walks will be announced on the monthly calendar and a sign up will be posted. Children are welcome to sign themselves and parents will be asked to sign as well.

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